Don't miss out on Austin's first immersive selfie retail SHOP

September 14 - October 21, 2018

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live your life like a work of art

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Be your best selfie

Art isn't just a pretty thing we stick in a frame or something you aren't supposed to touch in a museum. Art is a way of life.

At The FOMO Factory shop, not only do you get to touch the art, but you can hug, taste, or even own the art. Enter a multi-sensory wonderland where you are invited to take amazing photos, marvel at larger-than-life retail displays, and shop in a whole new way.

This one-of-a kind immersive pop up shop brings a Texas spin to a national trend. Don't miss out on the limited engagement all of Austin will be buzzing about.


The FOMO Factory, 720 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701


See you soon, Austin!