Work in the Factory

What if there was a job where you could be a kid all day? Where you could wear glitter or a wig, and get to play with people from around the world? The FOMO Factory is seeking Houston-based team members to breathe the magic into our art. We are equal opportunity employers of all races, religions, ages, sexual orientations and believe what makes you unique is what makes you awesome.

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General Manager

In this childhood escape, someone has to play the grown up…and that’s you. This doesn’t mean you won’t have time to bend balloon animals or sing along to boy bands, but you’ll be charged with organizing the team and bringing method to the madness. Tasks include:

•Hiring and interviewing
•Producing the weekly team schedule
•Ensuring safety and happiness of guests, fielding customer issues and keeping people happy
•Taking inventory, and overseeing ordering
•Managing the staff and making sure they are on task and doing their best work

There’s a business behind all this wackiness and if you’re ready to join a startup environment where you’re empowered and get to take breaks from hard work to play hopscotch…this might be for you. Salary starts at $17 per hour, and you should be able to work at least 30 hours a week.

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FOMO Factory hosts are charged with helping customers shake off their worries, play games, and snap photos. These extroverted team members are service oriented and realize they are as much a part of the FOMO experience as the art. You should be:

•Able to work 25 - 30 hours a week
•Able to represent the FOMO brand, acting out loose scripts but also improvising and bringing new ideas, games, and interactions to the table
•Able to work in a startup environment that’s constantly evolving

If this sounds like you, let’s talk. Salary starts at $10 per hour.