About Us

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This interactive pop up shop celebrates the magic of childhood we often lose as adults, and what it is to feel wonder, awe, and silliness. Using the emerging medium of immersive art, The FOMO Factory envelopes all five senses and invites attendees to shamelessly snap selfies and play like a kid.

Inspired by immersive environments, The FOMO Factory represents a new art form perfectly suited to a generation that venerates the selfie and curates GIFs. Lose yourself in a wall of balloons, spell your name in Scrabble letters, and play with toys in this limited-time pop up shop that speaks to the child in all of us.

The FOMO Factory includes 17 spaces journeying through childhood memories including birthday, toys, playground, school dance, vacation, music, and back to school as well as a gift shop.



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